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Web Positioning Report Price List

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Below are the prices for a Web Positioning Report. For the opening of your account, a one off fee of Rs1 000 will be required. Then the price will vary depending on the options that you will order for your report. For more information of the various options please click on the links within the table below or have a look to our options' legend.
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Web Positioning Report Options Price (Rs)
Opening of account - One off fee Rs 1 000
Keyword Rs 1-/ Unit
Matches Rs 1-/ 10 matches
Search Engine (20) Rs 1-/ Unit
Reports (Title)
Tips and Recommendation Rs 200-/ report
Archive Rs 550-/
Concise Summary Rs 50-/ report
Page/keyword Rs 50-/ report
Competitive Rs 50-/ report
Trend Rs 50-/ report
Alert! Rs 50-/ report
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