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Web Positioning Options' Description

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Opening of account - One off fee

The opening of an account with the Internet Communication Services Mauritius will require a on off set up fee of Rs1 000.


A keyword is a word that you think people would use on search engine to find you or a word that when used on search engines would display your website in the results for example, "cars" or "mauritius". A keyphrase is group of keywords which would look like "cars in mauritius". View the description of the Page/Keyword report.


The "matches" is the amount of results that we will consult per search engines for the keyword that you will choose. The FREE report includes the consultation of the first ten matches on each of the search engines we work with as listed in the following section.

Search Engine (20)

This is the list of search engines we work with:

Alta Vista, All the Web (Fast)/Lycos, Hot Bot, 7Search, Sprinks, Ah-Ha, AOL Web Sites, AskJeeves, Bay9, FindWhat, Google, IWon, Kanoodle, LookSmart, MSN, Netscape, Open Directory, Overture (Formerly Goto), Yahoo Web Sites, Yahoo Web Pages


Tips and Recommendation

The Tips and Recommendation report will help to optimise your web pages for search engines.


This is an archive section were we will store your various reports.

Concise Summary

Excellent overview of your search positions by keyword and Search Engine. It even shows your last reported positions.


View the effectiveness of each page on your Web site where a ranking was found. That way you know which pages you should leave alone and which pages you should improve.


Compare your keyword position against one or more competing Web sites.


Shows a summary of your rank statistics over time by Engine and keyword. This guide will help you meet your long-term goals for each Engine and keyword.


Alerts you to places where you've declined in rank or have been dropped entirely! Once your rankings are good, make sure they stay that way.

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