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FREE Web Positioning Report

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Internet Communication Services Mauritius offer you a FREE Web Positioning sample report. This FREE report will scan the first 10 results on the search engines we work with as listed below:

Alta Vista, All the Web (Fast)/Lycos, Hot Bot, 7Search, Sprinks, Ah-Ha, AOL Web Sites, AskJeeves, Bay9, FindWhat, Google, IWon, Kanoodle, LookSmart, MSN, Netscape, Open Directory, Overture (Formerly Goto), Yahoo Web Sites, Yahoo Web Pages

See example of report

How does this works?

Let's says that you that you are a company in Mauritius named "Car Paradise" which sells cars. We will set up a FREE report for you, stating what are your positions on major search engines for the first 10 results triggered with a keyword or keyphrase of your choice. You will be able to choose only one keyword or keyphrase.

What are keywords and keyphrases?

A keyword is a word that you think people would use on search engine to find you or a word that when used on search engines would display your website in the results for example, in your case, "cars" or "mauritius". A keyphrase is group of keywords which would look like "paradise car" or "cars in mauritius".

How to get the FREE report?

Just fill out the FREE report form and we will send you your FREE report per email.

What are the benefits of the FREE report?

The FREE report will give you a series of report that will help you to know more about your website according to search engines and know on which search engines you are indexed.

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