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Key Phrase Tips

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To get the best value for money from our service, please follow these guidelines.

It's important to realise that a single key word will be unlikely (but not impossible) to get you to the top of the rankings. The exception to this is if the word has hardly been used at other sites. This may happen if it's an invented word (perhaps your brand name). Even so, unless you've invented the word for your own use and promoted it in for example off-line marketing media to the extent that your target audience knows the word better than they know your domain name, you'll need to choose phrases. Select only phrases that are relevant to

the content of your site. Phrases should be two to four words in length.

Search Engine Positioning

It's almost always better to aim for many phrases that will appear in the top 20 than for just one that will appear at number one. So, look for alternative phrases, spellings and even misspellings. Of course, it's best to have many that will appear at number one!

42% of those who bought from online retail sites arrived via search engines (NFO Online Retail Monitor, October 1999).

After we receive your list of phrases, we'll review them and give you feedback on approximately how often each is searched for, how competitive they are i.e. are there many competing sites for the same phrase etc., how well your site ranks at the moment for those phrases and based upon our research and experience what alternative or additional phrases we think you should target. This free information is worth a great deal on its own.
...and it may not be free for much longer! You'll then be asked to agree a final list
and we'll get to work targeting those.
You will need to set a budget.  

Do this by submitting your final list and letting us know what your budget is for results. That is also when payment must be made. That way, if all your key phrases make it to the top you're not over expensed.

Four weeks from then you'll receive your first monthly report on the progress of your rankings. Your pages will be indexed on only a few search engines by then. Many search engines will take at least eight weeks from the day the site pages are submitted before they will display your site. Even then, refinement work (and other specialised work) will be needed to produce optimal results. This could take up to 180 days.

Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine PositioningThe Final Report

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