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The Final Report

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Search engine placement is the first step in building your
site presence.

At the end of the optimisation period, that is, on or before the end of 180 days (in other words, by the time the positions have peaked) a final report is run which lists the top positions achieved for each page at each targeted search engine or directory during that period. This report determines the final costs.

Remember you are only expected to pay for the results so if you want us to target 100 key phrases and only 10 rank in the top positions you only pay for the 10 results.

Here's an example of how our top ranking services work...
Search Engine Positioning and Optimisation

Let's say that you request Rs 100, 000 worth of top search engine rankings based on our 'Pay-only-for-results' pricing model. We guarantee that you'll realise Rs 100, 000 worth of top positions. If at first you don't, we'll keep working on your site until you do. And we'll work on it for up to six months. If within 180-days hasn't achieved enough top rankings to "use up" your initial investment, we return any amount of that fee that we didn't earn.

We don't just submit and run (leaving you to hope for the best), we work hard to achieve the best possible results for the key phrases you've asked us to target. We bear the risk.

Rs 6, 000

for each number 1 ranking achieved on the main search engines

Rs 5, 000
for any ranking achieved between top 2 and top 10 (1st page)
Search Engines
Rs 4, 000
for any ranking achieved between top 11 and top 20 (2nd page)

Rs 3, 000
for any ranking achieved between top 21 and top 30 (3rd page)

Rs 2, 000

for any ranking achieved between top 31 and top 40 (4th page)

Rs 1, 000
for any ranking achieved between top 41 and top 50 (5th page)

Rs 200
for any ranking achieved between top 51 and top 60 (6th page)s

And what about maintaining your top search engine rankings?
Optional maintenance is charged at 25% of the above rate, per month.
If you choose to take up maintenance, it must start within 45 days after your Final Report is issued to you. maintenance plan includes:

Monthly reports of your rankings on the major search engines.
Re-registration of any of your pages dropped by a major search engine.
Re-optimisation of any pages that display a downward trend in positioning.
You pay only 25% of the standard price for positions maintained in the top 1, 10, 20, or 30 in advance.
If more or better positions are achieved than you had paid for in your original project, you pay nothing extra! In effect your charges are capped at 25% of the original purchase per month. Now that's a deal!
Your site's content must reflect what is described by the Title and Description Tags
No-one can beat a site that offers quality content. Make every effort to have a 'good', worthwhile site.
Don't use tricks that you've heard about. You're probably too late to fool anyone.
Search engines are potentially one of your best allies in promoting your site. Help them to help you.
Never submit your site before it's been optimised.
No 'under construction' pages.
No broken links.
Know your conversion rate. Experiment to improve it.
Measure your results.
Search engine positioning requires serious focused effort. If you're not certain that you have the time and the skill, have it done by a professional who does.
Achieving top placements requires skill, work and patience. Six months at least!
'Submission' services are not the same as 'optimisation', 'ranking' or 'positioning' services. Understand the differences.
Search engines compete with each other for quality results, so the rules used are always changing.

Search Engine Optimisation

Key Phrase TipsSearch Engines

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