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Search Engine Positioning

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Search engine positioning, ranking and optimisation is the most effective marketing method available to Internet companies today. Yet less than 2% use it properly. The number of static pages on the web is in the billions, and the number of the dynamic pages simply cannot be counted. All of them compete for visitors. How do people find their way on the Internet? Recent research has shown that 87% of visitors come to web sites through search engines.

In addition to advertising your business, search engine positioning pre-qualifies visitors of your site. That's why, traffic originating from a search engine is top quality traffic.

Plus, you get to know what your visitors are really looking for because you can see exactly what phrases were used to find your site. And so, you'll be able to continuously improve your site to perfectly fit current trends.

The web is like a white sandy beach and each page, a single grain of sand. We can help make your grains of sand sparkle and be noticed

Search Engine Position

So, good search engine optimisation and web-site copy writing have a strong, direct impact on the visits-to-sales ratio i.e. your convergence.

Search engine optimisation could be the vital key to your success on the web!

There are 1000's of search engines and directories on the web used by people all over the world. Each has developed different techniques in an effort to provide its customers with the best service. Some search engines look into keywords and meta-tags, others ignore them. Some send spiders and robots to examine your web site, others rely on human evaluators. Some ignore frames, others ignore dynamic pages.

We have the expertise and knowledge to improve the positions of even the most 'hopeless' web sites. We've also developed techniques for getting dynamic and Flash sites to rank well. So there is no need to sacrifice style for position. Our research team monitors and analyses the latest industry developments and can advise you on the best selection of engines worth optimising for.

If you haven't the time or resources to implement and maintain the best search engine placement tactics and positioning tools, then have it done by a professional. Guarantee is simple: You pay only for the results.

Experts agree that only top 60 positions will result in any significant traffic to your site. And that's why does not count any listings achieved below the first 60.

Search Engines

Key Phrase Tips

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