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HTML Banner Specifications
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HTML Banner Specifications

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Raw HTML text files must not be greater than 2.20K (2304 bytes).
No more than 2 images may be referenced in the HTML code.
All images must be locally referenced (ie. src="./image.gif" or src="image.gif") and should not refer to images on external servers.
The total file size of all images must not exceed 10K (10240 bytes).
Animated GIFs are accepted. However they should not animate for more than 4 seconds before stopping. No looping is allowed.
The footprint of a raw HTML banner must not exceed 468 X 60 pixels.
Any URL's referenced from within the HTML must be active. Internet Communication Services Mauritius will not link to any dead URL's.
CGIs reference in HTML code must be active. CGIs found unable to handle the traffic load will not be accepted. Internet Communication Services Mauritius reserves the right to test all CGIs.
All HTML code files must use the suffix .html instead of .htm

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